I cannot make it better but I can hold you until the end of time 2018

a person stands alone. Their arms wrap around their sides and head looks down.

this too shall pass 2018

One person stands with their arms raised to another individual facing away and floating upwards. Their limbs hang down as if their were a force pulling their chest up.

Jarso 2018

An individual stands with their arms wrapped around another individual whose arms and legs are wrapped around their body in a loving hug.

love 2018

A person lies on their side. One arm rests under their head and the other resting on the opposite arm. Their legs are loosely bent towards their abdomen.

unnamed 2018

A person stands farther back in the distance looking down and one arm clasps the other shoulder. Closer to the front of the drawing, two people walk looking at each other and holding hands.

alone 2018

A person kneels as they are catching another person who is limp, falling to their knees. The person catching them hooks their arms underneath the falling persons underarms.

i got you 2018

A person is on their hands and knees reaching down from a ledge to a person falling as their hands reach back to them. Their body is rounded and legs extended.

not in control 2018

two people are sitting up, one in front of the other as they hug and lean their heads against eachothers.

cuddles 2018

a person looks at their reflection in the mirror as they hug themselves. Their arms cross up to their collar bones.

i see you 2018

A person sits in the corner of a room hugging their legs into their chest.

unnamed 2018

an adult kneels down to their child, caressing their forehead. The child is looking down and has slumped shoulders.

unnamed 2018

An individual is crouched on the ground with both arms wrapped around themselves. Their head is hanging down. They are alone.

unnamed 2018

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