Legends + Tales first issue with new masthead.

Danielle had the opportunity to shadow Graphic Designer: Karen Allen, who designed the magazine + made final edits to Danielle's original masthead concept.

Close up of Legends + Tales new masthead. Large type is knocked out of a clean cut magenta shape. The photo is able to shape the letters. For this reason, each issue will bring something unique for the masthead to reveal.
Brochure for Winnipeg Your Biggest Fan.

New logo for Tourism Winnipeg's Sports + Special Events brochure.

Close up of brochure for Winnipeg Your Biggest Fan. The title mentioned is all upper case in a bolded font. Winnipeg has a stencil appeal, along with three posts framing the title, creating a goal. The first three letters of Winnipeg are magenta to separate from the rest of the logo being white.
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