Danielle has been developing an art practice exploring various mediums with instruction and independently. Danielle is currently enrolled at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Summer Art Programming Intern 2023 
Wonder'neath Art Society 
Graphic Designer 2015 — present
Walk&Talk Theatre Company
Poster Designer 2019 — 2022
University of Winnipeg Theatre Department
Graphic Design: Booklet 2020
Unilearlnal — Black Canadian History Booklet // L’histoire oubliée des canadiens noirs
Logo Design 2020
Fraser’s Grove Custom Carpentry
Graphic Design + Illustration 2021
— Theatre Projects Manitoba, Chautauqua: The Interlake Trail
— Theatre Projects Manitoba & End of the West Collective, live art production: In Time
— None of This is Happening & This is the Story of the Child Ruled by Fear 2022/2023
Illustration 2021
Diaspora Café, menu board & window painting

Bachelor of Fine Arts 2022 — present
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design
Graphic Design Diploma 2017 — 2019
Red River College

Certifications, Publications, Exhibitions, Articles
Miles Macdonell Collegiate Literary Magazine 2014
Pulse: distortion
Miles Macdonell Collegiate Literary Magazine 2015
Pulse: raw
Milles Macdonell Collegiate: Award of Excellence 2014 – 2015
Visual Arts
U&i perspective show 2016

PRISM International: FIGURES 2019
THAWTS show 2019
Featuring Visual Artists: Danielle Friesen & Maggie Ikemiya // Winnipeg, MB
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